Legal & Compliance Management System

Legal & Compliance Management System

Ensures better customer and regulator trust, saves costs and time, automates compliance processes, and reduces risks associated with non-conformities through legal & compliance management system.

This is a management framework with integrated tools, documents, and controls by streamline the process into the system for effective and efficient legal & compliance process. It shields you from risks associated with non-compliances by automating compliance procedures.

With various features, our legal & compliance management system will help your organization to work effectively and efficiently by collaborating document, user and process through one single system

Agreement Review

Digitalise contract/agreement process from contract requests, review by legal/finance staff up to finalizing contract

Legal & Compliance Advisory

Communication media for employees to obtain recommendations regarding legal/compliance in supporting the company's business processes

Regulatory Reporting

Monitor all report/document need to be reported by respective department user regularly to regulatory

Regulatory Information System

Display information of regulation that can be access by employee easily in supporting the company's business process

Incoming/Outgoing Letter

Register all your incoming and outgoing letter centrally and dispatch to respective department user.

Gift/Invitation Acceptance/Granting

Review the acceptance or granting provision of gifts, invitations and other benefits to avoid reputational risks.

Corporate Document Request

Maintain all request of corporate document from end user by review, approve or reject the request

Power of Attorney Request

Provide and manage power of attorney request from end user and get the approval from the director