E-Procurement Management System

E- Procurement Management System

Get visibility of your procurement process to acquire products or services at the best possible price and at the best possible time through our e-procurement managment system.

E-procurement management system create enhanced efficiency and cost savings for businesses of all sizes. Lengthy manual tasks become automated, thus improving how a company operates. Through centralized web system, all respective user can request, review, approve and track the process easily. Having a digital, automated solution in place could automate this confirmation process and alert businesses when intervention is needed. Such a solution streamlines procurement and addresses a long-standing challenge.

Below are our e-procurement system features that will help your SCM process with best performance also integrated with your ERP/SAP System.

Vendor Management

Provide vendor registration, review all data & documents through approval process. Monitoring document expired date.

RFQ Processing

Submit your request to your supplier for material/services digitally so vendor can place the quotation

Tender Management

Create and run event tender for requirement and get the best prices from participants by streamline the process in the system

Contract Management

Digitalise contract/agreement process from contract requests, review by legal/finance staff up to finalizing contract

Vendor KPI Evaluation

Evaluate your vendor delivery activities related specific contract/agreement by doing assestment which involving end user.

ERP/SAP Integration

Synchronize the master and transaction data into ERP/SAP system to get holistic centralized database.